Discrete Mathematics

1. The following work is a handwritten notebook presenting the first steps of a computational approach to the van der Waerden's theorem. Also some aspects of Fermat's Last Theorem are described.

Nikolaos Konstantopoulos

Mathematical Diary 1993-1998

Fermat's Last Theorem-van der Waerden's Theorem

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Cover, note, contents, and introduction are presented in various styles: text in LaTeX (dvi files and pdf files), or handwritten text. The main part of the work (chapters, references,indexes) is handwritten. The whole work is freely available also in CD-ROM by mail.

2. Next, the continuation of the Mathematical Diary 1993-1998, with respect to the van der Waerden's Theorem, is presented gradually.

Nikolaos Konstantopoulos

Mathematical Diary 2002-2004

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