Unified Field Theories

The works below are handwritten notebooks existing in CD-ROMs. Here only the contents are presented. There is also a sample (PDF 2.07MB) of the handwritten text. The full works are freely available by regular mail. You may communicate with us in nkonst@tee.gr

Vassilis Konstantopoulos

1. Continuous Group Representation Theory

Cover PDF 5.04KB. Contents DVI 14.2KB, PDF 2.59MB.
2 CD-ROMs of totally 847MB and 1250 pages.

2. Fundamental String Theory

     Part I

Cover PDF 5.41KB. Contents DVI 24.0KB, PDF 4.18MB.
2 CD-ROMs of totally 999MB and 1422 pages.

3. Fundamental String Theory

     Part II. The Second String Revolution

Cover PDF 5.70KB. Contents DVI 24.0KB, PDF 4.18MB.
1 CD-ROM of totally 455MB and 624 pages.

4. Notes on Unified Field Theories

     A Collection

Cover-Works PDF 8.16KB. This is a collection of six independent works contained in 3 CD-ROMs. The works analytically are:

   4.1 Mechanics of Continuous Media

Cover PDF 5.02KB. Contents DVI 1.44KB, PDF 366KB.
Totally 82.5MB and 122 pages.

   4.2 Supersymmetry and Supergravity

Cover PDF 5.24KB. Contents DVI 6.92KB, PDF 1.27MB.
Totally 396MB and 606 pages.

   4.3 Differential Geometry-Connection Theory

Cover PDF 5.35KB. Contents DVI 1.30KB, PDF 323KB.
Totally 125MB and 159 pages.

   4.4 Unified Field Theory-A Geometric Approach

Cover PDF 5.37KB. Contents DVI 4.28KB, PDF 859KB.
Totally 316MB and 472 pages.

   4.5 General Relativity and Unified Field Theories

Cover PDF 5.33KB. Contents DVI 4.75KB, PDF 908KB.
Totally 283MB and 413 pages.

   4.6 Irreducible Representations of the Lorentz
        and the Poincare Groups

Cover PDF 5.42KB. Contents DVI 4.19KB, PDF 817KB.
Totally 210MB and 333 pages.